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The vast experience acquired over many years, enabled us to improve the quality of our sheets and to adapt them to a broad range of clients needs. 

We produce according to DIN and consider RoHS and REACH.
Since many years our products have contained only harmless stabilisation additives making them suitable for use with foodstuffs and they are free from lead, cadmium, CFC, silicon, PCB, halogens, bisphenol A, plasticiser and heavy metals.  

We are offering products which are suitable for the contact with drinking water.

The meticulously selected high-quality raw materials provide our clients with the guarantee that the end product will meet the highest quality standards.

The quality of the semi-finished products is checked and documented in our own laboratory and in cooperation with external partners through test certificates and official authorisations.

A well-equipped laboratory ensures ongoing development and guarantees the quality of the products, as well as enabling adaptation to satisfy the special requests from our clients. 

Product certificates

Upon request, we can issue the product certificates DIN EN ISO 10204 2.2. and 3.1.


Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015