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Flexible production control and short delivery times
As one of the market leaders in Europe, we can guarantee flexible production control and short delivery times.


Our central warehouses in Germany and the Czech Republic contain a large selection of over 2,300 tons of semi-finished products and enable deliveries at short notice according to deadline requirements.

Delivery times

BEN stores a wide range of semi-finished products on 15,000 sqm. Our warehouses in Germany and the Czech Republic enable us to deliver our stock items at short notice, adapted to your delivery date requirements. Our flexible production control ensures short delivery times for semi-finished products in standard and for special productions.


Our trained staff will advise you on the properties of our semi-finished products. We will be happy to provide you with the relevant product information.


We cut our semi-finished products to the formats you require. Larger quantities of a format can be produced directly on the machines. This can achieve a significant reduction in waste and costs.

Protective film

Upon request, the sheets (all qualities) are produced with protective film on one or both sides.
All sheets can be supplied with a printed protective film. This serves as protection during transport and handling. The protective film must be removed as soon as possible after installation. The film must not be exposed to UV and water.
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